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Gay Cock And Ball Torture

Gay Cock And Ball Torture, Ball Busting Torture, Cock Ball Torture Video, Ball Cock Photo Torture, Ball Cbt Torture

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Gay Cock And Ball Torture Leading him to the kitchen, she retrieved a doggy bowl from the cupboard and filled it with water. Skirt up, thighs wide and place that in your sluts cunt. Leave me. She played with her pussy, teasing Mistress slightly by rubbing her fingers around her pussy, spreading her lips wide so that Mistress could see inside. Suddenly she felt a harsh slap on her clit causing Skye to cry out. Yes, it would only be my Master inside of me, decided with relief, only his penis looking so thick and hard and Gay Cock And Ball Torture delicious. grabbed the nipple clamps from the bag and placed the first one on my already hard nipple. He grinned maliciously as He looked at it lying on the grass. He picked up the end of her leash, knelt down beside her and stroked her hair, unfastening the other end of the leash from her collar. Throwing them both to the floor, he stared at me, and felt as if had done something wrong. My eyes closed and fight it off as hard as can.” “Yes, Master, thank you.Gay Cock And Ball Torture He spoke softly, telling me,"Let it all go, keep cumming (as if could have stopped at this point), that's it, cum harder, again and again. she opened the car door and climbed in as gracefully as she could, tucking the length of the skirt carefully under her to avoid it creasing, but leaving enough of it to lie gently over her shapely thighs. Three slaps to your belly brings the blood rushing and makes you even more beautiful.
Gay Cock And Ball Torture Savage nipple piercing Cbt Ball Bondage Ball Busting Photos Cock And Ball Torture Thumbs
Cock And Ball Torture Forum try to smile for him, but am still trying to get used to having two vibrators inside me Pulling back slowly, letting my lips suck the taught flesh over his hard cock, pressed my tongue into his tiny slit tasting a drop of precum Walking around the car, he slid in behind the wheel and started on the drive home She does not need to get use to anything but me!" Then he resumed my punishment, Spanking my soft wide ass Hard" He chuckled a devilish laugh and told me that was indeed right, and added that he would leave immediately “You see, my pet, when you do well, will reward you ” moaned, my eyes closed, my whole body shaking as neared climaxed, “Yes, Master ” “Yes, Master, thank you"No was ordered to clean naked while he bathed, and did so with a new anticipation and a smile Teufel's voice They fell to your knees and exposing your thick shaft His collar came explosively, screaming"Ooohhh god yes Sir!!" never felt so alive, so excited, so sexually turned on before and never wanted that feeling to end!! After came yet again, he ran his hands gently over my ass, saying that that shade of pink had turned to a deep red and that the heat coming off my skin was warming his hand unbelievably"You might want to take that home to open it meant what said upstairs, about admiring your mind and your work ethic, not to mention your body He admitted that he loved to hear me cum, and was hoping he could make me do so, many times tonight Listening to her mewing protests as the slick dildo begin to slip agonisingly slowly from her soaking cunt Every once in a while you allow me the treat of using my mouth to clean you, rewarding my efforts with the day's first cum He sometimes puts rods through behind my knees and hips and another under my breasts and he did so that Thursday felt my anticipation rising but didn't resist Lifting it slowly, allowing it to slip over her skin, allowing the cool silk to caress her face, He wrapped it carefully round her eyes, blocking out the gentle sunshine that invaded the glade" Her husband looks back at him and said,"I bet it does buddy, she is a hotty keep looking down, not saying a word The water dripped annoyingly down his chin and fell on his chest, cooling the burning slightly Electric Anal Torture She was moaning loudly, her body beginning to tremble with urgency You are very welcome pussycat!" With a grin that would kill a cat ” he sounded firm, as everyone turned to look at him, surprised at the jump in bidding Taking him, giving to him everything had, my legs wrapped around his waist while moaned, “I love you, Master With a curse, He pulled out of her cunt and landed another slap on her ass, goddamn this slut to hell and back for that was surely where she was intent on taking him! The scent of her cunt rich on His cock as He leant back and looked at her, her body still arching and undulating lick a horny beast Each blow hitting her just above or below the previous one, but never on the same spot “Damn!” cursed, but his glare made me drop my gaze to the ground Teufel's voice Then she slept again We went through our morning routine, however, and he went to work He was gone; he'd left me bound here completely exposed! couldn't move She wears gloves now when she handles roses His finger slid out and slowly began to flick over the tiny hard nub of her clit, causing her to gasp out loud as a deep shudder ran through her Jill took a drink of her wine and sat closer to me She strolled into their shared bedroom and stripped out of her clothes I'm still gasping for air and recovering from orgasm looked at Ms She wasn’t sure she’d had anything so thick around inside of her before He is not the gentle type A gag was placed in her mouth, which Skye objected to only briefly We went through our morning routine, however, and he went to work Once opened my eyes, he smiled, kneeling beside me as he pressed his lips to mine feel the coldness of the leather paddle as you brush my ass with it Grabbing my arm, he forced it behind my back, holding it tightly Maybe we can find a way to teach you a little bit of that ruthlessness had to take a few quick steps to keep up with your pace, but fell in line, the tug on my neck leading me to the playroom It was her Master calling spot twice he waits till count out and again am quiet forgetting to count and say thank-you ouch yell again his hand connects with my ass whispering into my ear he asks me if want him to stop know how to" nearly dropped your meal as you grabbed my legs with your strong hands and pried them apart" got up and stripped off everything but what he had instructed me to leave on think back to the years before a mixture of hurt What the hell, thought Until then, you may call me Master and nothing else Sitting on the edge of the tub, he watched me, a mischievous look on his face, so smiled back, wishing he would talk swung around quickly to be face to face with his crotch, his cock straining against the thin material of his jogging suit He was NOT having her force His body into defeat! Slowly almost in pain, He pushed deep into her heat, feeling the moisture begin to coat Him, her soft moans of submission filling His ears"Do you need more??" you ask know this punishment will be sufficient by the time am through with you ” gasped and groaned in response as his hips gained in rhythm slightly, our hips meeting with a slap of flesh as we both seemed possessed by an insistent desire to make this last forever My breath clipped it, made it sound almost shrill Like what?" Why am playing with him when he's mad? Where is my sanity? There's nothing to throw in here in case he gets violent, shampoo bottles won't even scratch him His hands running over them, cupping them, caressing them, kneading them slowly Penis Torture He's cute in a geeky way, short, glasses; wouldn't talk to him normally but Dean's really on my shit list untie you and carry you to bed removing the blindfold and earplugs Running his hand over my ass he said he loved the way my thong outlined my nice round ass To my surprise, he asked if would be willing to meet him that night at 20:00 This spreads your legs and raises your bottom He stopped suddenly, causing her almost to walk into Him, her breath catching in her throat as she tried to stifle the thoughts running through her head Even when we disagreed, our conversations were lively and enlightening could never go back again and let another man between my legs! No one else can ever do to me what you have done looked into his eyes for approval when he lifted his hand to my shaved pussy, cupping it while inserting his middle finger At least, hoped they were could almost feel you in the room, watching me"I'm giving you what you deserve, slut, to be fucked like a bitch in heat shake my head and back up, until feel the clammy, peeling wallpaper against my back My heart raced as Judy entered the room Not having sight or hearing you find the food has more taste and especially more odors He hit me and hit me and hit me Just the one world proclaimed to her what she was…His He picked up the end of her leash, knelt down beside her and stroked her hair, unfastening the other end of the leash from her collar Almost reluctantly, told him that would have to have on a robe, as couldn't chance walking around the house in nothing more than a thong Still she persisted, grimacing and grunting a little with the effort, arching her body off the wall, until finally she was exhausted and felt her relax A small note of irritation crept into Ms used to order things from them too"Come in the back And then the hands were at her clit and her ass roughly poking and prodding her You let me fuck you like a whore and a wife There is a swishing sound coming from between our stomachs Quickly, he released the chain, letting my breasts bounce back into place This morning was no different Mistress Desiree removed the ball crusher and then selected the humbler Cock And Ball Torture Photos" He cut me off,"I know that already, but think that you might need a reminder He then grabbed me and slid your hands up my back pulling me into him as close as he could get me His nails dug deep into the soft flesh of her hips as with a primal roar of release His cum shot high up into her ass, deep into the velvet depths of that sweet tight slut ass and He pulled her back against Him until His balls were empty and resting against the sticky full spread lips or her cunt, feeling her tight ass hold Him as long as she could deep inside her didn't hit her that hard, but again her cries and her gasps soon inflamed me and had to work to restrain myself Do well, and," you tease at my cock again, then take your index finger and thumb in an o shape, and slip them over the head, and up to squeeze its base hard, causing another shudder and catching of breath, several stuttering whimpers muted by the toy cock Come on, open those lips,“ his thumb gently forced my lips apart while his thrusts sent me further into passion, “Suck his cock, slave"Whose are you?" he asks me, helping me up “slut M could hear my heart beating in my ears Strangely enough, you know this she shuddered slightly as He took her gently by the arm and led her to the tree that stood out, almost as though it had been placed there on purpose for Him Almost making her cum when stopped and looked up at pop and my Master,"Hell guys, think mom is starting to enjoy this! Why don't we lay her up on the table where we all three can have a good lick of this sweet hot pussy? love sharing pussy with sexy men He revelled in her shyness even now She pushed away from the desk and went to the phone, looking at the Caller Upon my return fasten the collar with the metal ring facing forward and attach the chain leash to the ring ran my fingers over my swollen lips to make sure they were still smooth and free of hair Understand that the punishment will end and you will be free to go place the blindfold over your eyes and put earplugs in your ears Telling him"I will handle those two testicles Gently you take my hand and lead me into the bedroom Strip you order as look at you feel a sense of happiness come over me A lump caught in my throat as he listed off phony assets of my talents around the house, as well as my virtuous innocence Unseen tears soaked the blindfold as his hands found other parts of my body to hurt, slapping my thigh, pulling my hair, all the while moving faster and rougher within me She played with her pussy, teasing Mistress slightly by rubbing her fingers around her pussy, spreading her lips wide so that Mistress could see inside begged for him to strike harder, pleading with him to make it sting deliciously Cock Ball Torture Pictures She needs a warm up first" Eyes go shut Her Master immediately reached over and grasped one of her nipples tightly between his fingers and pinched hard, causing Angela to squeal in pain"A dog, Master"Get up girl," you growled bit hard into my bottom lip and blushed under his stare, fidgeting need your cock Some nights he takes me out like a normal human being Full lips painted a smoky red your eyes following the tip of my tongue as it traces them The return label said"Specialty Products, Inc After we talk for a few minutes you look deep into my eyes communicating to me that you are ready to play Withdrawing, he shot his seed all over my backside, moaning low and long as he did Disappointment and reprimand always made my insides ache" buried my nose against his groin and sucked him very hard, my throat constricting against the head of his cock, and felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat What are you?" started at him a moment, wondering what exact answer he wanted she moved her hands down to lie between her spread thighs, shuddering at His words and slid her fingers over the already wet lips and spread them gently open to Him" picked up her hands, holding them by the wrists, then turned them over and kissed them You left for work and went about my morning, completing the jobs that you left for me look into the sexiest blue eyes and right there he melts my heart Taking her by the hair, He pulled her along the hall and into the sitting room and kicked the door shut behind T/them gulped hard and choked on the gag Once his erection filled me, he paused as if allowing me to feel each pulse of blood though him before withdrawing just as slowly Then she slept again Periodically cannot resist and caress your breasts or belly increasing your uncertainty of what will occur next Shifting as little now to ease the tenderness in her stretched ass and puffed up cunt lips Stepping quickly down the hall, we entered the immaculate living room, decorated with a burgundy sofa, matching chairs, and a large entertainment system you know Their cum remains on My whore until tell you to remove it knew full well by the end of the evening they would likely be torn and have to be thrown away You then tightened the chain so that my breasts still hung naturally but without slack in the chain she felt the hands clutching her hips - the cocks pounding deep in her"You should see yourself on your dirty hands and knees on a dirty bathroom floor getting fucked in your filthy ass and your slutty cunt “You’re not supposed to take pictures"Now do as you are told from now on, do you understand me you worthless bitch!" smiled and answer"Sir, Yes Sir But, you fucked my throat instead, adding to my frustrations ” she groaned softly once more and leant against Him as she clenched her cunt walls tightly around the stiff cock inside her needed a change and decide the time is right to move here He is not the gentle type He kept tugging downward, forcing me to sink to my knees As soon as heard the outer bulkhead door open, rose to my feet, stood in the middle of the room, and pulled my robe tight around me, hiding the clamps hold you tighter as thrust Cock Ball Torture Cbt Which hole to fuck first? Walking back to face Her, He pressed the first of the soft latex dildos to her lips and watched as she instinctively opened her mouth"Dean," moan Pulling back slowly, letting my lips suck the taught flesh over his hard cock, pressed my tongue into his tiny slit tasting a drop of precum can tell, but know you want more The air seemed thick and heavy My mind was still trying to sort out this evenings events, as my body ached, and remembered them well She closed her legs together, pressing them tight, and slowly scooted off of the bed tried several times to shake the images of our play from my mind but they kept creeping back into my thoughts as cleaned You are holding one end of a rather realistic dildo slightly larger than my cock There he stood in my doorway, eyes locked to me daria cried out as tears fell down her face" He chuckled a devilish laugh and told me that was indeed right, and added that he would leave immediately “You keep quiet, slut It makes me feel a little better, knowing that there is a rest room full of men watching me go though this humiliation This nearly drove her over the edge Oh the shame of it The tight hot hole that welcomed His fingers, tongue and cock And then the hands were at her clit and her ass roughly poking and prodding her assumed it to be one of my girlfriends As worked my mouth over his cock wanted to taste him even more, so devoured him completely, sucking hard against his pulsing manhood jumped at the loud crack, barely muffled by the padding on the walls knowing that this is the first time I've felt safe enough to drop all my barriers turn bright red knowing what he has inside me The horse was your own design and creation, and knew in a twisted way that you were looking forward making use of it's many features How long would she leave him? When would she let him touch her, worship her? When could he stretch out? When could he eat? How many hours of the seventeen had passed already was very useable, suppose, at least to the tempting of his touch had just thought to myself that he could get the same pleasure at a strip club when he stood suddenly, grabbing my upper arm almost fell from the table, landing firmly on my knees make him dinner and then eat mine from my bowl His wife was screaming at the top of her lungs for him to let her up "Dean," moan He moved behind me once again, leaving me kneeling, and picked up my paddle, running the soft fleece-lined side over my ass There were whips inside leaned forward, my hands meeting the carpet, and crawled the short space between us to his feet roll over on command He complimented me on my choice of leather floggers, saying the one had is very nice indeed and it felt good in his hand stand back and observe your engorged red nipples and am inflamed by the sight My fingers moved back up her face as caressed it and moved in to kiss her again she gasped as she felt His hands on her ankle, pulling it open and along the ground My eyes were always his favorite a brandy colored brown Just remember to be a good little sub and will not have to use these on you It seemed to be the rhythm that did it, and soon her yelps and grunts fused into one long, steady moan, and she began humping her hips against the daybed, up for the whip, then down into the bed, grinding her pussy hard against it I'm not fucking you on the floor of your frat house bathroom when everyone can hear us doing it After being around this group for only six months knew that the women were generally treated better than the men

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