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Merciless Femdom
Merciless Femdom Ball Torture

Lidia Love gets slave boy Eric in chains and brutally punishes his cock and balls
Relentless CBT Attack
Relentless CBT Attack

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Classic Femdom Punishment
Classic Femdom Punishment

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Gorgeous Busty Femdom
Gorgeous Busty Femdom

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Gay Cbt, Bdsm Cbt, Castration Testicle
Gay Cbt weener torturing Ball Busting Movies Testicle Torture Pain
Gay Cbt weener torturing Ball Busting Movies Testicle Torture Pain
Gay Cbt Gay Cbt, Bdsm Cbt, Castration Testicle

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Gay Cbt She offered him a shy smile." She watched as he remained stationary,"No nods? Oh? Well let us see if can heat things up some. It got dark, the lights did not come on in Gay Cbt the house. Suddenly it stopped; was so close to getting off."What are you smiling at, Miss Dawn?" asked Master David. i rise as straight as i am able, knowing what is expected, and kneel between Gay Cbt Your parted thighs. was totally at their mercy - and he showed me none." Scott raised a brow, gripping her chin firmly again with a slight tug. He had a good body, well-toned by physical exercise, Gay Cbt firm muscles in his arms and thighs, and he was also well-hung. He introduced me to the barmen and the bouncers, told me their names and what they were into, guessed he had been coming here a long Gay Cbt time as he seemed to know a lot of people." Lynn paused. Make it good for her. do as instructed. didn't know what to expect as returned to our house, but was Gay Cbt certainly not prepared for the sight that greeted me.i smile softly to myself and rub my cheek over the rough cloth of Your pant leg. Neither of them spoke as they both finished their meal and then they Gay Cbt looked into each other’s eyes both realizing it was decision time."Get down on your hands and knees," he ordered. sigh from the touch of his hands on me, feeling the heat from his skin. He Gay Cbt buttoned up her blouse again, fully hiding her torture from his view. i close my eyes and slowly bring my senses under control.
Gay Cbt weener torturing Ball Busting Movies Testicle Torture Pain
Cbt Trampling Quickly changed position and knelt in between my wife's spread thighs He came quite quickly, and had difficulty swallowing his semen, much of leaking out and dripping off my chin you gonna suck it down like a whore, white boy knew his looks and what each of them said can't help myself and laugh loudly and try to bring my legs up to my mid-section “Not bad for a 42 year old,” thought, smoothing the tails of my white blouse down over the black fabric" Lynn, God bless that incredible girl, slid her hips a little closer to me, at the same time her hands pulled her vaginal lips apart, revealing her hole and all her intoxicating pink flesh fuck me hard!" George smiled as he entered her My head slowly came up and looked directly towards them Next time they would have to agree some signal so she could tell him she wanted the game to end but that didn’t help her now Mistress Cbt had noted that my wife was wearing a short leather mini skirt, leather boots and a black leather bodice ” Your throaty low laughter rings in my ears as my face flames red out of Your sight to be fucked by you and to wear your cum If you don't do us just the way we like it, we'll correct you, and you WILL follow our instruction without a single comment He takes the curtain rod and puts it in the doorway between the living room and the dining room, brings in two kitchen chairs and sits one on each side of the opening As my mouth closed around her, heard a very deep sigh You look between your legs in this awkward position and see the"Master" behind you removing his clothes She tightened her grip around my nearly erect penis, pumping me to the rhythm of her hips Her legs were over his shoulders as she sat and he kneeled between her thighs Make it good for her He let it tease her pussy lips for a moment as he pushed her legs further apart with his foot In no time a second, more powerful orgasm racked my body You, Ethan, my confused, anxious little whore, are going to take my cock up your sweet ass, and then you are gonna cum when tell you too My muscles cramped when tried to free them She stirred the collars about until one snagged on her finger He straddles my legs, puts his hand on my back and pushes me down on all fours Be still! Or else Ingrid stood in front of me and slipped out of her gown After she settled down with a glass of wine, she expressed her uncertainty Free Cbt When she breathed at all it was to take a huge, deep breath It’s really pretty simple He became dimly aware of the fact that she was moving around behind him Any thought of his size being too much for me vanished in the glow of the after-effects of my orgasms Eldon had an erection now She stirred the collars about until one snagged on her finger You reach for the cloth belt of the coat and unfold it, stretching its length and tugging at it, pulling it taut between Your hands Now that am used to the feeling, have to say that it is not at all unpleasant" He told her and began to thrust He buttoned up her blouse again, fully hiding her torture from his view Freddo continued to hold the back of Gary's head as Carl began to slide his enormous cock over Gary's sobbing face" He informed her, almost as an afterthought Lynn's hips moved in slow circles, she'd thrust her slit ahead or back sometimes, directing my ministrations In a small trembling voice managed to say Your own resolve weakening now was led to the bed, then helped to lie down Swollen, red, tender, yet mercifully sensitive and you wish you could get just a little more stimulation to cum ‘If it’s any consolation’ he responded ‘Your nipples aren’t the only thing that’s erect right now’ If you don't get us off, the way we feel, we may have to kill you He had a length of nylon rope in his pocket, and swiftly bound my wrists behind me"Beth tie 'em up His tongue licks up and down through the thick nectar Her hand moved to her mouth as she saw the ropes and the blindfold and the ruler and her panties Smith seemed to be pleased with my answers beg of you," she pleaded to him"You give me one good reason, whore, why should not call the police right now"?"Please," she replied,"I will do whatever you ask Wanting to take my time over pleasuring myself quickly soaped up my tanned firm body, and washed my hair The upstairs was unfinished, consisting of rough beams and plank flooring The last stroke landed directly across her breasts, a fast, sharp stroke that woke her numbed nipples right back up feel his cock grow harder yet inside of me and then he lets out a deep guttural moan Address me as Madam “I said that wanted this piece of meat soft, bitch! told you that if you couldn’t, or wouldn’t, control that thing of yours, I’d do it for you!” she scolded as another crack of her crop made contact with the bruised flesh of her slave’s cock do as instructed Cum for me"That's right it's the lit candle Perhaps today she would be found They walked deeper into the thick forest, until suddenly they reached a clearing It feels so smooth and good as it coats my nipples and moves down my stomach Many women are repelled by the idea of doing this to a man Cbt Technique The dildos and plugs were of various materials, in eye-popping sizes, shapes and colors ” “Now, wouldn’t that be a sight,” Damien offered, bringing a blush to Katherine’s cheeks"Good, now spread your beautiful legs", he says But the silk ties hold fast and I'm forced to endure this feather torture The term pain slut raced through my mind Do you understand?” i lean my face against Your leg and nod in reply, knowing the command began when it was uttered and my answer was not to be voiced"We have a number of clients who enjoy paddling a nude girl If you don't get us off, the way we feel, we may have to kill you reclined back and rested my head on the pillow as turned the toy on, the high pitched buzz started the tingle between my legs immediately and moved the buzzing up towards my breasts which were perched high up on my chest gonna get it soon Hoffman's young girl was coping with her fear of food; or how the testicles prostitution scandal had worked out for Madam Corona Beth was lying on top of Jim, kissing his face and neck Fucking is delightful for both the recipient and the active partner" Eldon was one of my lovers"Wh" Meg complied, wincing as she laced her hands behind her neck, her auburn hair clinging to her neck and her body trembling slightly, breasts thrust out to display their punishments My hands began to slide down to her ass Ms It had all been so wonderful and he should have untied her after her last orgasm but now he was downstairs actually watching television while she could only wait his return and further punishment was Wherever his tongue was, she had an intense climax Many times she had been naked for him but this was all so very different and exciting Next time, if you can’t control this cock of yours, I’m going to have to use some severe measures With difficulty fought the urge to gag Still speechless, she simply nodded We just sat there for awhile, gently holding each other until recovered She was careful to keep the candle upright so that the wax pooled below the wick My cock was hard and throbbed wildly between my legs and Jenny rubbed it swiftly with her hand while Christine opened her top and, scooping out one of her breasts, stuck her hard, pointed left nipple into my mouth Gone was the arrogant, sneering attitude as he looked over at his loyal wife with cum glistening on his lips, trying to get his breath back and breathing hard Pat looked down and saw the massive cock that was about to penetrate her Let's see what happens tonight, and then we'll talk about what happens afterward"Well Good Morning My pet broke it by dropping my head submissively and saying"Command me mistress"Wait," she shouted as she quickly began to undo the zipper of her pants She started to put her hand back to rub her punished bottom, stopping herself just in time Beg for mercy Cbt Narration 'Just for a minute,' she told herself It had been a good day and she had drunk a little more than usual and it felt great Sit up now Either way, knew certainly was Part of me was incredibly excited knowing that this gorgeous girl, over whom I'd masturbated too many times to count, was using my penis as her personal plaything We gossiped about this and that, and soon the conversation drifted to personal circumstances It had an air of age, of substance"It's just crude Christine came first"I love you, my beautiful angel “Settle down, slut,” Julia snickered You gonna be my bitch today!" Gary had his eyes tight shut as Carl started to feed his now erect tool into his mouth Cbt Dom Extreme Fem He traced the tip of the crop across her skin and they both heard the second marble roll across the floor" A man and a woman crowded in behind him We were rather worried The morning sun has barely crested the skyline on the shorter winter day He just wished it hadn't been quite so fucking big! As Gary knelt between his wife's thighs, he instinctively knew what to do Her sweet, juicy nectar warmed his flesh as he continued his task The owner of the tortured cock made the only other sound detectable in the gloomy darkness, in the form of muffled grunts and cries; responses to the assault on his manhood that might otherwise have roused the dead if not for the fat dildo gag lodged in his mouth and down his throat, securely locked in place and preventing all but the primal sounds such as the kind coming from the bound, captive man He listened joyfully to her moans and he was aware of her movements; seductive soft caresses against him as she moved into position and straddled his body, her hard nipples rubbing against him while she pulled and pushed that wire Oh no" he whispered back,"not just yet “Now, Erica, you shall get what you deserve,” Emma promised as she knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed"Oh, Signora, all wanted was his fingers forever! Can you forgive me? I'll forgive you," nodded"Please excuse me!" said as ran from the room; up a flight of stairs, into the guests' bathroom My clit was tingling and itching with excitement and beginning to emerge from its protective hood Shuddering visibly as she vividly pictured that penis aimed at her opening, Beth imagined it trying to worm its way into her body It seemed it was only me that had to keep crossing his legs in an attempt to hide an extremely powerful erection Hmm, idea of getting paid to go out on dates sure appealed to me Do you understand?" Gary was now quite frightened was proud when you came here today, knowing you had endured a fortnight of sexual tension and frustration at my request looked in the mirror admiring myself and the costume was wearing, looked fantastic! My long dark hair fell down my back and gave the outfit the final touch cried out in sheer pleasure as the length of his hard cock pressed deep into my honey filled hole Suddenly he removes the dildo leaving me gasping and wanting more only to replace it with something very cold He came back to her, and crouched at her head filled out the application We could even put in a movie if you want,” he drawled silkily, rising from his chair Even as she pondered the reality of her situation she came again Jimmy's mouth would suck on Beth's right nipple, slide down to cover the entire end of the firm breast, then leave a wet residue as he sucked upwards to just the nipple again Thank you, My Lady The next thing was aware of was Emma on the bed with me, on hands and knees, her mouth now moving to my still erect nipples it is a punishment for repeated late payment R Show me “It’s been so long, it’s a wonder that recognized you at all Then before she realised what was happening he pulled another scarf between her teeth preventing her from pushing out her panty gag and ensuring her continued silence He tells me to raise my arms above my head and grab onto the rod She expected a spanking, but judging by the presence of the chair and the clothespins, she would be getting a bit more of a reminder than a warmed bottom inhale deeply as it passes my nose and realize it's the rose lay all of these things on the table and sit looking at them, stunned and yet a little excited by them Gay Cbt Nervously, she worked the clasp of her bra, freeing her firm, ripe, luscious curves His face slid down and he started tonguing her anus

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