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Classic Femdom Punishment

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Gay Ball Torture

Gay Ball Torture, Free Ball Busting Video, Free Ball Torture, Penis Torture Photos, Bdsm Cbt Gay Sado, Cock And Ball Torture Stories

Gay Ball Torture needles pierce his nipples Cbt Cock Ball Torture Free Ball Cock Torture Pics Ball Bdsm Cbt Torture Fem Dom Cbt

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Gay Ball Torture He was gone; he'd left me bound here completely exposed! couldn't move."Now, tell me, do you wish to stop?" swallowed hard on the gag to keep from making a sound. The wet part was never difficult to arrange, Skye spent 95 percent of her days walking around wet knowing that at any given Gay Ball Torture moment Mistress would demand something of her and that she would willingly oblige whatever task it was Mistress asked of her. daria remained on her hands and knees as the Men stood in front of her face. But was finding it very hard to meet a woman who shared my interest in the slightest. You rose Gay Ball Torture up and the final stages of the punishment began. His hand grabbed my arm, lifting it for his inspection of my armpits, making sure had not missed any stubble. Then comes the shock of my night. grabbed the weight and purposefully dropping the weight at his feet. Just the one world proclaimed to her Gay Ball Torture what she was…His. All the while her head was turning, twisting, as is she were trying to scratch the back of her throat with me. He began to smack my tender flesh very hard, sending sharp, stinging pain throughout my buttocks, but at the same time, causing an intense stirring in my pussy and a renewed need for Gay Ball Torture release throughout my body." My Master looked up at the waiter and told him,"Hey, she is right, this is just her warm up right now. “Elysia, if we do, we’ll be breaking the rules and get kicked out of the club. It felt as though hours passed, as he did nothing more than gratify me, before Gay Ball Torture he finally lifted from me, his face drenched in my juices and smiled up into my flushed face. stand and admire your beauty before waking you and offering the wine.
Gay Ball Torture needles pierce his nipples Cbt Cock Ball Torture Free Ball Cock Torture Pics Ball Bdsm Cbt Torture Fem Dom Cbt
Fetish Hardcore Anal Sex Torture let go and screamed out and stopped right before did couldn’t believe how much wanted to please him, letting the robe slip, cascading off my shoulders was working and looked up and you were there in front of me standing beside my boss he asked me if have had a chance to meet the newest Mgr in the office" Mark said what are you doing in Arizona? Staring into my eyes swear heard you say waiting little one it's time" instead you said moved her a few days ago was offered this chance how have you been There was something beseeching in the way she accepted my tongue, a kind of willingness that intoxicated me Well, now you will have to take care of me before you go back home" We go inside the pub and the waiter come up to seat us, see it is the same guy with the shoes earlier this evening She licked the drops of piss that were glistening there and then wrapped her lips lasciviously around his head and sucked him into her mouth Taking out his hot thick hard sweet loving cock and told me to suck the hell out of it until he came Damnit, she wanted to cum ” answered quietly, honestly, wanting to hold him to me" sit up and fold my hands in my lap with my head down ” The low groan of needy lust came from her mouth as He ground out one word It was thrilling to be on display, watched and scrutinized like a piece of property was breathing quite heavily, moaning softly, very close to cumming Grabbing a bath sponge, he slipped out of his shorts, and could not help but stare; even soft, his penis was obviously large did, and as slipped it into my mouth, he again tilted my face up towards him Instinctively, flicked my tongue out and began to suck my own juices off of each finger, slowly and seductively Thomas, shall we explore those alternative services? Needless to say, there will be certain – activities – which you will enjoy more than others shivered gently, feeling my breasts rise and fall more quickly as my breaths grew faster dreamed of his thick cock Cumming in my hot sucking mouth while he spanked me that night And then the hands were at her clit and her ass roughly poking and prodding her He was silently testing his own strength Sitting up, threw the blindfold off my head and held my knees to my chest look down as have been taught, never look at your Master unless instructed too take a drink of water and face you as spread you wide ” “Spare me!” jerked my arm away from him and managed to make it to the door, but jumping in front of me, he took hold of my shoulders and threw me to his bed and held me down Lifting up, his mouth seized and lingered at one breast, then the other, teasing both erect nipples until was almost whining, writhing under his sensual touch Whispered,"You may open your eyes now My own sweetness fills my mouth as your groans of pleasure fill my ears"Please what??" you ask She lay still for a moment, feeling her pussy contract around the dildo inside of it and the one in her ass felt so good as it always did after she’d come Returning the kiss, his arms held me tightly, forceful, and could feel his erection growing next to his thigh ” he opened the passenger door of a sporty car, then pushed the seat up, “You get in the back, slave knew that was getting his attention Then suddenly understood Pulling me to a stand, our eyes met and he kissed me, quite gently, before motioning for me to follow him “Five Hundred!” he bellowed, his voice deep and commanding, sending shivers through my loins" said This walk was a popular tourist spot and while He had no objection to anyone watching them from afar or coming upon them unexpectedly, He had no desire to be arrested for having His slut on show brought you dinner as you asked of me This caused her ass to rise higher in the air figured it would pass will never repeat an order again you must remember then and listen to me carefully at all times that is your first lesson remember it well pet for do not want to hurt you only teach you to be a better person } chose you along time ago pet you belong to me and only to me your thought Somewhere outside could hear a loose piece of metal was banging against the building in the wind Cock And Ball Torture Thumbnails am not sure when or how got there, but after an eternity woke up in our bed, securely in your arms My breathing became raspy, as my moans filled the mouthpiece of the phone His strong arms held me to him, his body powerful, yet soft as he turned my back to his chest Kneeling back a little to take in the whole picture she presented He began to fuck her cunt slowly It was me she couldn't stand Your alarm woke me with a start this morning Master reaches into him pocket and pulls out two remotes to the vibrator Teufel's mouth was open, breathing harder, her eyes slightly glazed as she watched me bring the paddle down hard on the helpless ass of her slave You stop just out of my reach and say to me,"You know what need don't you, Tim?" answer,"Yes do Having cleaned every inch of him, ended with his penis, which astonished me that it was still soft and relaxed Three now filling her cunt, stretching her open After the bath, he was even more handsome, wearing another black shirt and loose fitting black pants, his long hair unrestrained, playing at his neck and back The sharp crack of pain coursing through her body making her arch and twitch and buck to try and get away She stepped out of her shoes, then opened her pants and slid them down over her hips and stepped out of them The truly ingenious feature of your horse was the cutouts for my breasts You walked in front of me where your crotch was at my eye level" watched the wild light outside the shop windows, the shadows running down the frigid street She'd do almost anything at this point just to feel the sweet release of the built-up tension in her dripping pussy was still a little stiff from the strenuous activity but somehow persuaded my body to move out of the bed In temper his hand landed once more on her ass, like a single rifle shot in the silence That's how old the place was; it was built in the days when shopkeepers lived on the premises Hesitatingly, she knelt her head down to the floor and picked up the scummy plug with her mouth His cock was at bursting point and He knew that when she got home, she would barely be through the door when she was on her knees with His cock buried in her soft slut flesh Skirt up, thighs wide and place that in your sluts cunt" She then reaches over to slap him and he grabbed her hand and pulled her over his knees right there in front of everyone “Good, slave Finishing off the outfit were my 4 inch black pumps The fullness almost overwhelming as His fingers pushed in and out of her heard him move behind me again, and a light shuffling of the items on the table told me he was inspecting my toys"Me," answer You let me fuck you like a whore and a wife We drive to this little out of the way place to eat Wear the Perfume had you buy, and do not disappoint me! Reading his e-mail made me so hot that almost came right there when saw the P she knew they were going for a drive out to the park and He had told her T/they were going to the woods so she knew an open-air fuck was in the offing, but other than that nothing She glanced around the room, noting that no one else was inside and breathed a small sigh of relief for that small reprieve took her panties and pulled them off of her, exposing her luscious, and obviously very wet, pussy to me He reached forward and took a handful of thick hair and pulled her back along the length of His driving cock, arching her spine like a finely tuned violin, the thigh muscles straining and burning now as He pulled her upwards along His cock And the harder the swats to my ass got, the more intently sucked his cock SMACK, SMACK,SMACK The though of 'practice' does almost as much Smiling as He was rewarded with a low moan of desire from her mouth then presented my fingers to him for inspection and he placed them along my lips The feeling of power was intoxicating and yet felt vaguely silly or unreal, as if she might suddenly quit the game and we'd laugh about it Ball Busting Torture Do you think would treat you like an equal?” It was an unintentional mistake, so nodded humbly and returned the plate to the cabinet But there is no mistake Running His fingers long the rope, He slipped a hand between her thighs and softly slapped them open fell to them easily, offering no resistance, my head leaning back to look up to his face moan in protest as feel you move about the bed Her hand was shaking gasped and spread my legs while his other hand forced my head to the counter, holding it down stood nervously on the makeshift stage set back in the rather large field, owned by the “president” of the club, my eyes scanning the crowd before me sat on the floor while he turned on the water in the tub, then started to strip himself as the bath filled slowly A hand clenched a swatch of her hair and yanked her to her feet"I suggest you keep still so instead, you reach for a rose in a vase on the nightstand But if had you in my bed every night, everyday, you would change, and it would never be the same Once it was in all the way you pulled up on the strap between my legs A soft moan escaped her mouth as a single finger slipped deep into the wet folds and into her tight cunt"Oh God oh God oh God!" she murmured, her ass shaking as her thighs began to quiver His thumbs beginning to rub back and forth over her nipples, teasing them to hardness, tweaking them slowly, tugging them up and out holding them tight between His finger and thumb until she was gasping softly with the sweet pain"Climb up, pet SMACK, SMACK,SMACK" slid my other hand down to my nether lips and spread them very wide, using my thumbs and middle fingers, my index fingers rubbing either side of my clit sit beside you and explain my desires for the evening When arrive at 6:30 P As my mouth moved over his cock, he began to flog my ass gently Watching her as her ass tightened a little as His single finger pushed inward, past that sweet tight ring until it was knuckle deep inside her, hearing her soft sigh of satisfaction once more as He began to finger fuck her tight ass, stopping only to manoeuvre another finger into the tight hole and then watching her…oh god…just watching the soft flush begin to cover her needy body You slowly unbutton your pants and peel the two denim folds to each side exposing a small black triangle and two small straps the wrap around to meet and floss your ass circled my nipples with my forefinger and then lightly pinched each one When he leaves shower, shave off any body hair and dress After we talk for a few minutes you look deep into my eyes communicating to me that you are ready to play A man after my heart who acknowledges my authority what more could a woman want"What you did to me under the desk was very naughty That insulating cocoon she'd carried around was just burned away in the fire of what we did, and she is now more passionate than any woman I've ever known, so passionate it can sometimes be frightening He added that he wanted to hear me cum one more time just in case he wasn't able to make it The group was free for women, but things like this would always cost the men something; they had to make money somehow smiled a huge smile as sucked hard to keep the end of his cock in my mouth Once everything was on the stove, it occurred to me that did not even know his name, so figured had a little time to snoop a little while everything was simmering and he was safely in the bath Her legs felt wobbly when she stood up was to meet you at work with dinner at 6:30 collapsed against the futon and he soothed my ass for a while, telling me how wonderful it felt and how beautiful it looked with his hand prints painted across it But he took care of that part too, he slid it down my throat as deep as he could, knowing he was gagging the hell out of me As opened the package, saw the sexiest gold and black shoes in it and red straps that matched my dress perfectly Immediately before the auction, the auctioneer made it very clear to everyone that both the slaves and the masters must respect the code word"Relax, it will be easier," you asserted never saw anyone coming in or out, so didn't pay them any attention at all Gay Cock And Ball Torture Skye had known this before giving herself to Mistress and she had never regretted her decision"I didn't hear you bark like the dog you are," he finally stated" Mistress laughed" calm down when he turned them off and got myself together so we could leave for our night out It is a look only offered to me and possibly one that only would recognize A spreader bar! From where? When had He bought it? She moaned softly as His hand slid up the insides of her now spread thighs, the muscles taut as she tried to stand up on her tip toes once more, the pull of the ropes causing her sides to ache, biting her lip as His hands slapped the soft naked skin softly The group was free for women, but things like this would always cost the men something; they had to make money somehow It was a windy evening in April with clouds scudding across the sky, casting moving shadows on the bare streets How many is it going to be now? 25? Sir please, please, please sir beg you no more You are told to step out of them as they lie on the floor" you wag a finger at me but you WILL know pleasure!" and with that, you push me back onto the bed, onto my stomach His beckoning pulled His Friends forward ” he spoke sweetly, then held out a piece of his steak, “You have done very well He places me on all fours on our bed brought you dinner as you asked of me" My master walked back over to where am and sat back down on the chair He dislikes the bitter taste of smokers' mouths Gay Ball Torture He was going to have her begging for release and for His cock before the day was out she trusted Him implicitly but was still nervous all the same The strappy top showing the gentle curves of her breasts with the dark circle of her nipples showing clearly through the material Extreme Cock And Ball Torture Castration dropped the whip and fell on top of her in my excitement, took her in my arms as she jerked and trembled through a massive orgasm Losing the battle, began to Cum, my legs shaking as my pussy juice soaked my panties and slowly flowed down my leg Reaching down, rubbed her clitoris and felt her wetness build Understand me, slave? When you are done, you may rest on that blanket drop the ice and pull your hips to mine as my mouth finds yours in a deep embrace A few hours later the ringing of the telephone jarred her from her thoughts But NOW" apologize and take you in my arms and then turn as heave you to the bed ” answered, wanting him to kiss me again can feel his thick warm fingers sliding up and down the crack of my ass"It will be my pleasure to get that first taste of cum out of that hot wet juicy pussy of mine Pop She has been my slave for several years, but that's a story for some other time"I'm fucking my girlfriend, now go the fuck away," he barks at the intruder on the other side her mouth was stretched wide and filled as she cut her eyes up the eyes of the Man before her ” opened my mouth but, again, said nothing, dropping my gaze to the floor, not wanting to look at him any more ” pleaded, promised, and cried for him to enter me, give me the whole fullness of him, pain and all, and without a word, he pushed his whole length into me was nervous and scared all day They, a pair of ankle restraints and his collar were all wore Today it was eggs, bacon and toast with coffee What happened there? you lost the dildo?” His words taunted her openly "Please “Stand up He was right" was almost shuddering with excitement as she raised her face and opened her mouth He could see her gentle shuddering as she knew he could see every inch of what He owned and by god He DID own her…body and soul As he neared his orgasm, he pulled the clamps from my nipples and grabbed each one between his fingers, rolling them and pinching them, again putting me on the edge of climax He doesn't insist on this but I'll be having dinner the same way and want a clean floor was pleased with the way he flinched and attempted to avoid my fingertips as flicked his tender nipples", all that comes out is an incoherent, happy mewling sound" Then get out of pops lap and walk back over to Moms face untying her just a little to see what she would do As soon as had them together Virginia tugged hard on the cuffs watched him from my place on the floor, admiring his chest and shoulders, slightly tanned and muscular, when he pulled his pants off and left his boxer shorts on"Hey guys does anyone have a brush can use?" The sexy black haired man with blue eyes said,"Here you go my friend The horse was adjusted so that could lay comfortably this way with my ass and pussy exposed and open to you

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