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Cbt Index Male Sex Slave lay down, and he tied my feet together and then tied them to the handcuffs. Howard came back into the room carrying a hamper, looked me up and down, he said all needed was some red lipstick, so went and put some on. She turns out the lights and the only light is coming from her. Seconds later, hot wax dripped around her right breast, and the cube was lifted above so it was dripping at the same rate as the candle. And so, squinting, cocked my head, offering her better access. The funny thing about the whole situation was that most of the time we were all together.Cbt Index Male Sex Slave extended my tongue to lap at her hot pussy and she gasped at the touch. looked back in the mirror to see Monique pick up a strawberry, place it between her lips and then lean over and kiss Melody, their tongues rolling the strawberry from mouth to mouth. stood in front of him in just white high heels, stockings, white suspenders, panties and bra. It was a low, leather chair, and had to be careful crossing my legs as sat down, knowing every eye in the room was straining to peer up my skirt. Quickly she climbed on the bed and positioned her open legs over my face and began Cbt Index Male Sex Slave to lower herself down onto my waiting tongue, she ordered me to lick her out and drink his juices, to get a taste of things to come, to learn the position would be required to be in after each one of her future encounters. Now was blind-folded and totally naked. It felt so good that my legs started to shake and my dick started to rise. heard her warn me to be still and anticipated that momentarily she would order me to taste what could only imagine to be her pussy and to sample and savor its delightful odors, but that was a privilege had not yet earned.
Cbt Index Male Sex Slave Crazy nipple-piercing Cbt Fetish Drawing Cock And Testicle Torture Medical Cbt Torture
Fetish Testicle Torture Pics looked up at Melody straddled above me, her face was pressed against the wall and her arms stretched above her head palms flat and fingers scraping Then slowly she lifted her head and started to withdraw me from her mouth, just as thought was going to be taken out she reversed the movement and lowered her head again If my wife ever does agree, I'll be sure to send her to Dr As we both began to calm down, our movements slowed and then stopped let out a sigh and knew had a few minutes of breathing room Dupree's office was impressive and well appointed Was it her description of herself -"pert 36Cs, long legs, tattoo over my cute little ass, purple painted toenails, oh and still a virgin" had the reputation of being the best specialist on the psychology of human sexuality in this part of the country smelled her perfume and felt the feathery touch of fabric touching the hair on my head Here was, just a few hours after being caught in Betty's things, with my face in a strange man's ass, my tongue probing his hole and stroking his dick, while my fiancée and her friend gave him a double blowjob He breath was hot against her neck as his moans became louder She must have seen that coming and pushed it back in She felt his hard glans between the engorged lips of her pussy Now suck on this like you sucked on his and get it nice and wet for your ass was tired so decided to go back to sleep want Brian to think that you are my lesbian lover, while fix it for you, so just follow my lead had not thought was that high in my boss's esteem to be selected to attend this meeting felt another pair of hands grab my waist and spin my ass out into the floor, followed by those same hands jerking my sweat pants off Although blindfolded and unable to see anything, could sense her body standing over mine Before knew it, was in a hypnotic like state, and was jacking-off on automatic pilot My throat felt devastated, my eyes filled with water as he continued Now lie back on the bed and think back to some of the things you mentioned you liked He smacked my face She swallowed, and sucked, till he was spent, and breathless heard muffled noises from outside the door"I need to make love to you now, dove," he whispered There was a chest of drawers on the side of the room where she was apparently standing that she told me held other 'toys' of pleasure She pulled it out roughly, twisting it and yanking, wondering aloud if it should be “left” or “removed” that's it my pet She said she tried to stay on my best side because she didn't like her but spanked Williams suggested an X-ray Being in this position allowed me to re-experience a kind of erotic pleasure that hadn't known in many years Alice always said had a great looking ass It would be a safe environment to do it in, you wouldn't have to worry about him flipping out It felt like my arse was being invaded the pressure he was putting on the lips of my hole as it expanded to take this huge thing, as the cucumber entered me further it reached the fattest part then, with Masura pressing on it, it suddenly slid up my ass as far as it could go"I know what you want before you want it, my pet Free Cbt Gay Pics Betty and Lorie helped me to my feet and both kissed me deeply, licking up the come that had leaked from my lips as tried to swallow Brian's load started running it around my cock and balls" had a moment of panic, remembering how much had to stretch my jaws to accommodate Jim's cock when felt the blunt glands make contact with my hole was so excited the whole time but they wouldn't let me touch them or myself the whole time Surprised by the absence of my shirt and trousers, opened my mouth to speak, when Judy put a finger to my lips, tossed a leg over, then straddled my lap completely Slip it over your pretty eyes My brothers and would read the newspapers and magazines while the barbers and patrons snipped, gossiped, smoked cigars and talked to their bookies asked why? And he told me because instead, was to get on my knees Just as felt his hot seed blast into me heard a sigh and looked up to see Alice standing in the doorway with a dreamy look on her face and a hand in her pants furiously rubbing herself off thought she was going to make herself cum, the prospect in itself was causing my cock to ache more but she stopped suddenly gagged and tried to puke but couldn’t There was obvious disappointment both of our voices 'Do you want to taste me?' she asked smiling into my eyes, 'Of course you do “I was looking for Tony,” said, striding toward him She's laying there face down and she isn't making any sounds he did this maybe six times until it was sliding in and out very easily making slurping sucking noises Reaching down and grabbing Mario around the neck, pulled him forward and growled in his ear: “Fuck me Mario Usually that person is the psychotherapist, and not the person or object that actually evoked the feelings would find out exactly what she had planned soon enough"I am going to lock you in the closet for a couple of hours and maybe then you will learn and obey me Do you understand me, little dove?" nodded yes It seems her stepfather introduced her to spanking and butt fucking, but she said he was crude and she hated him but discovered something she liked had to bite my lip, fighting the urge to grab my breasts, throw back my head and howl in ecstacy" He came over to me and caressed my breasts She pulled his cock from my mouth and stuck her tongue down my throat while rubbing the head against our faces As it slid across my tented trousers, the sudden friction drove me over the brink One day soon we'll have them pierced The mere thought of what was to come tomorrow made me wet She grabbed it and started to stroke me rapidly At first tasting the fabric and the richly diverse soaked in flavors thought that would gag and vomit, but didn't A startled look spread across his face 'sorry sir' he said, 'we have no guest called Monique here' tried to stand, wanted to run away She starts by climbing onto the bed next to me She began to tremble said that it would be my privilege to serve as her slave, that it was something had fantasized about many times relented and kissed her hard, then softly, alternating with the motion of my hands As if it was necessary to shame me further, she told me that if had been able to use my mouth, she would have forced her gloved hand and the handle of the cat into my mouth The man stopped and stared making sure he got a very good look, Dan loved it, he was very excited, stayed like that for a short while until some other people came round the corner into our aisle and quickly covered myself up, pulling my dress back under my coat Allen placed his hands on my shoulders, as forced more and more of his cock into my throat 'You are here on my terms Cool Eyes, don't try to change that and we will see what the evening brings' She reminded me that only a few minutes before her toes and soles of her feet had massaged the area around my cock and balls"You certainly don't look dressed to do any work today When she got to know my stepdaughter she asked her what did to punish her and was told a good sound spanking was usually administered if she was bad She instructed me to push my head forward and to pick up an object lying on the floor with my teeth Cock And Ball Torture Techniques Epilogue It is now six months later" closed the door and watched through the peephole as walked back to his apartment His penis seemed to throb and expand as felt the first rush of semen travel up the shaft of his magnificent penis to explode into my mouth Slipping on a new pair of leather oxford shoes, hook my left heel on the edge of my bed and kiss my pantihosed knee, running my left hand down my shin to the buckle of my shoe while drawing my other hand up my thigh and under my skirt, cupping my warm mound in my hand In less than an hour, she would possess my heart"Give me a second," told her"and will fix you something to eat took the dress of, Howard told me to stop there, he led me back to the sofa me in just my white undies"Are you really a guy in drag or have you had an operation?" he asked thought that Brian was getting one hell of a rental took a breath, allowing my windpipe to open momentarily and he was on me immediately; thrusting, probing, plunging What wish?" asked told her it was up to Sue She pulled her panties up and then reached down and opened her pussy lips and the panties went inside"I'm just worried about getting caught can't believe she did that Relax, my love, relax," whispered,"Breathe deep and relax Some of Mistresses I'd served previously would entertain themselves and their friends by ordering me to suck my own cock Most of the rest of the time am the maid was flicking my tongue over the end while he wanked, he tried to get more of it in my mouth to no avail, it was just to fat Brian's dick slid right into my mouth She must have been standing there because couldn't find her Allen went crazy, pulling the top of my dress of my shoulders and forcing it down my arms until my bra was exposed kissing and licking every inch of flesh that he could reach When finished this degrading act, she pulled her boots away from under my lips and my face fell to the floor One to each side of the wall in the closet with the little hooks that stuck out of the wall My mistress was accompanied, it seemed Harry said would make an old man happy, nodded, he put his arm around neck and pulled me towards him and he kissed me full on the lips and held his mouth there for quite a while before letting go Picking out a cube she quickly applied it to Monique's left nipple, Monique gasped as within an instant Melody applied her lips to warm back the cooled nipple wore them for the rest of the day, and for many more In an instant was hooked, knew that would be wearing these panties as often as could turned to look as three more black men stood behind me, one of them on each side Although she ordered me not to stop servicing her pussy, she also made it clear that as her tongue slave, there would times when she might require me to orally service her puckered little ring hole too Betty was caressing my face and almost in tears from joy The jam was a long one, was nearly finished telling him all about the times with Howard, the wedding, the Africans, the horses he kept asking questions and wanting me to go into great detail about what we did, how we did it etc Stories Of Dominant Woman Cbt felt so sexy that drifted off to sleep with one hand rubbing my cock through my panties, and the other rubbing my nipples Sue said should try to catch her more often and Sandra said to call her any time Looking over my shoulder could see Alice pulling Jim to the floor behind me It was a very expensive iridescent -blue outfit with white lace trim and accents Then feel the coolness on my back, at least until it touches the highest of the welts on my back then the burning begins Cbt Torture Gallery This action caused some of the strawberry's juices to run onto her pussy and mingle with her own juices, and some of her juices to adhere to the strawberry He explained quietly but with authority that our mission and goal for the company was to fulfill the requirements as laid out in the fiscal plan that each of us now held in our hands Lorie took me by the hand and we went to join Betty and Brian as we all moved into the bedroom You see, I've always found a trip to the dentist to be one of life's more sublime rituals: a quiet, Muzak-filled pause, a chance to browse through hood periodicals, to luxuriate one's senses in a safe, and polite environment Dinner was a buffet affair in which met most of the other conference attendees from across the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia Most were too embarrassed to look more than once A tall, striking man asked Jane if he was going to watch me fuck her but she just looked at me and laughed, no he was here to shaft her again and it would me who was doing the watching ' My grip relaxed as realised the sight must have been shivered and moaned in delight as the movement drove his penis even deeper could feel the heat of our naked flesh come together The full weight of his tongue, velvety and broad, licked at her inner thighs an inch from her shaved wetness Dan was fucking me for a bit longer then he stopped and removed the dildo from up my ass and we all sat back and rested Once again she forced her tongue into my willing mouth to share my seed with me continued to caress her legs as began licking her slit through her panties My knees were resting on a padded cushion which along with the metal was apparently part of some unique mechanism designed for bondage and punishment The look on his face when Allen saw what was wearing gave me a rush I’ve had the tape running, shall we continue?” heard my name and looked up We went off to bed, and relived the events of the day and had a good wank before going to sleep had shot so much full cum into those panties that they were slick with it Instead of booking three additional appointments, she asked whether was available to reschedule our final session together to the following Sunday stared at him wondering what to say From my vantage point kneeling in front of her pussy, could see her clit pulse with each thrust was quite happy with the turn out, the local college was well represented"How had that happened?" thought My strong, tight muscles gripped the intruder as Mario began to slowly fuck the handle in and out struggled weakly from beneath the covers and tried to stand next to the bed swallowed, my voice was hoarse with excitement,"I'd like some straight from the tap before decide The baby disappeared At first didn't know what to do, so nuzzled his ass and reached through his legs and felt the heavy sack below his dick, his balls were full and heavy Then she gets up off me and feel the cool air on the wet spot on my back from where her pussy was dripping The strain of lifting my head to see Melody and Monique was beginning to hurt, looked back at the girls in the mirror and realised that Monique had slid completely out of view as the pair of them slid down the couch It was filled with numerous paintings and sculptures - most of which had erotic themes He then told me to lay on my tummy on the floor There was no mistaking how voluptuous and curvy she was We left and went to a quaint little nightclub She flicked the cat so that the tails caught the tip of each of my nipples -- which were hard due to my extreme state of sexual arousal Undress had told her that there were times when want to be forced to take a flaccid cock into my mouth and hear my Mistress order me to 'make it stiff Sue thought up one with Sandra spanking her while she sucked me off She told me to fold up my clothes, put the socks inside of the shoes, and to hand everything over to her It felt bigger than Allen's and it was still only semi hard As the husband was sucked, the wife fucked my ass was looking at my reflection when noticed that had been leaking pre-cum and that now there was a growing wet spot on Betty's clean panties My cheek bones are enhanced, my body hair is permanently gone, and my ass lubricates itself Cbt Sex Toy Store told her she was showing more than that at the bus stop Sometimes felt really blonde 'I'm sorry sir', he repeated 'we just do not have anyone by that name on the staff, please let go sir you are hurting me There where other reasons for the move, wanted a fresh start and the people in my old town were very small-minded to those things they didn't understand quickly stuck my cock back in Sue's ass tried to speak pulled my thighs up to my chest and wiggled my hips as the shaft invaded my pussy My small breasts ached and my nipples where as hard and sore as my penis was from all of the attention lavished on them put the thoughts away, along with the rest of the clothes Still, he did not speak as she sensed him circling around her Instead she said, it was based on expectations and with 'my' projections of the future My brothers and would read the newspapers and magazines while the barbers and patrons snipped, gossiped, smoked cigars and talked to their bookies Mike stopped at the entrance to the room the man with the video came down to meet us smiled at me and said his name was Adrian and looked lovely She felt something cold and wet against her ass The torture soon ended, and Mario threw off the smock, marvelling at his own handiwork

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